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Optimum Health store has implemented a customer Loyalty Card scheme with the following Terms and Conditions:
The Loyalty Card Scheme is a non-compulsory offer to the customers of Optimum Health;
By accepting the Loyalty Card Scheme, the customer is deemed to understand and accept these Terms and Conditions;
The card will be stamped, dated and signed by an Optimum Health employee, upon the customer’s purchase of qualifying products, subject to a maximum of one (1) stamp per day, regardless of the number of purchases by the customer on that day at Optimum Health;
A 10% discount will be available to the customer when the card has been stamped five (5) times;
The card must be surrendered to Optimum Health before the 10% discount can be redeemed;
Only original, legible and intact loyalty cards will be accepted. Copies of the card will NOT be accepted;
The discount is not applicable to consults with Optimum Health practitioners and/or their scripts;
The discount is not applicable to promotional items or items which are on special;
The discount cannot be exchanged for cash;
The Loyalty Card has to be produced during a purchase, for the card to be stamped. Under no circumstances will the card be stamped retrospectively. In addition, if the card is lost, Optimum Health will not issue a replacement card with the same number of stamp markings on it as the lost card allegedly had.


Optimum Health is running a special 10% discount offer on selected products. Visit our store for details.


Optimum Health store is pleased to announce the introduction of a delivery service for our customers, with the following details:
Orders valued at R400,00 or more will be delivered free of charge, within a 20km radius from our store;
Orders valued at less than R400,00 will be subject to a delivery charge of R40,00, within a 20km radius from our store.

Orders must be paid for in full prior to delivery taking place.