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Our Products

Optimum Health stocks high quality products by a number of reputable suppliers and under well-known brands, some of which are

  • Solgar;
  • Arcon Tisane;
  • Viridian;
  • Good Health;
  • Escentia;
  • The Other Option (Cold pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil, Digestive);
  • JS Beauty From Nature;
  • Medford;
  • Himalaya Herbal Healthcare;
  • Vibrant Health (Green Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, Green Vibrance Junior, Field Of Greens);
  • Stefani Water Filters;
  • Chinaherb;
  • Phytosun Traditional Tinctures;
  • Pure Herbal Remedies;
  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar;

  • Spry Products;
  • Nature Fresh;
  • ECS (Colloidal Silver);
  • Coloperm;
    Coyne Health;
    Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces;
    Aloe Supreme;
    Tree Of Life Argan Oil;
    Vitamin B12 Patches;
    Himalayan Salt Products;
    Nattrend Health Products;

  • Sfera (Biotic Spray, Maca, Garcinia Gambogia, Coleus Forskohlii, Agnus Castus & Deer Velvet);
  • Crystal Fresh Deodorant Spray & Deodorant Stick;
  • EOS Lip Balms;
  • African Cranberry Concentrate Liquid;
  • Phyto Pro (Pea Protein Isolate, Vanilla Chai Pea Protein, etc);
  • Theron’s Comfrey Wonder Tea Alkaloid Free;
  • Rain Drops H2O2;
  • Quest (Enzyme Digest & Acidophilus Plus Probiotics);
  • Raw Honey Unsifted, Unheated & Untreated;
  • Xylitol individual packets;
  • VRP;
  • Lifetones;
  • Kuving’ Whole Slow Juicer Cold Pressed;
  • DNA Cold Pressed Juicer;
  • Omega Cold Pressed Juicer;
  • Vita Whizz Portable Blender;
  • Magnesium Oil;
  • Fulvic Force;
  • Ear Candles (Ear ache, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Tinnitus, Migraine, Excessive Ear Wax & Snoring);
  • Lifematrix (Whey Protein Powder, Raw Vegan Protein Powder, Yellow Pea Protein Powder);
  • Crede (Coconut Oil, Almond Nut Butters, Black Cumin Oil, etc);
  • Superfoods (Hemp Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Spirulina, Cacao Powder, etc);
  • Pure Herbal Remedies (Colon Support, Candida Support, Paraherb, IBS, Hepatic Support, etc);